100 percent pure cosmetics

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100 percent pure cosmetics

Many common skin creams that claim to provide 100% pure skin care, actually contain harmful ingredients inside. Using them can cause a lot of damage to your skin. Let's dig deeper into it.
When we speak of 100% pure skin care, it is assumed that it would be through natural methods. That means no invasive procedures and no use of any harsh chemicals.
For example, many cosmetics manufacturers use Mineral oil in their products as a moisturizing agent and claim it to be a natural oil.
Fact is - mineral oil is a byproduct of gasoline distillation. It makes our skin dependent on it and leeches the natural moisture of the skin - leaving it even drier than before.
The rule of thumb in holistic skin care is - only allow natural substances to get in contact with your skin. This will automatically rule out most of the common skin care products available in the market.
For 100% pure skin care, you need to look for natural substances like CoQ10. This is a powerful anti oxidant that protects your skin from the damage that free radicals cause. These radicals are found in environmental pollution and they cause your skin cells to break down. This damages your skin and also accelerates wrinkle development in it. Active Manuka Honey is a special variety of the honey derived from the Manuka bush. It moisturizes the skin effectively. It also enhances the production of Collagen and Elastin in the skin, which ensure a smooth and wrinkle free skin. This honey has anti bacterial properties too which keep the skin safe from bacterial infections.
Shea Butter is a light natural fat derived from the Shea tree. It is a very effective moisturizer and emollient and keeps the skin soft and supple.
100% pure skin care is nothing more than using the right natural substances on your skin. Try it out now and watch your skin transform into a new, beautiful one.

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