Best Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

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Best Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

As a teacher I find it utterly distressing to see how some teenagers can be so cruel to their class-mates, especially when it comes to pimples. I myself suffered from terrible acne as a teenager, so know all too well how much it can hurt to be ostracized over your looks.
When I was a girl, the type of makeup acne prone skin needed was no where to be found. The ones I tried were all so drying and cake-y that it was almost worse having the makeup on than just having my red face showing. The type of makeup acne prone skin does well with is one that is matte, but that doesn't dry out the skin in the process, because that's where the pancake look develops. Finding makeup acne prone skin can breathe through is important also, otherwise it will eventually make the acne worse. I learned it all through trial and error.
My acne eventually started to clear up in the last year of high-school, but the scars still remained, and I still sought makeup acne prone skin would love, because as yet I hadn't found a makeup acne prone skin would go well with. I had tried liquid foundations, creme-stick cover ups, powders, concealers, mineral makeup - practically everything there was, but nothing would do the job I needed.
I saw an infomercial for airbrush foundation on television one day, and thought it was just another gimmick until I saw what their 'paramedical' airbrushing kits could do. I mean these cases were far worse than mine, and the airbrushing covered everything seamlessly, from acne scarring to serious scars from burns. Tattoos were covered up, Rosacea, birth marks - it seemed to be able to do a fantastic job at covering without actually looking like makeup. I wasn't sold right away, but I soon decided it was worth a shot - hadn't I already bought every other makeup out there anyhow?
When I got my kit it took a few goes to get the hang of the airbrush stylus, but I could see from the first application that this foundation was makeup acne prone skin would love. It covered the scarring from my acne perfectly, and had a dewy matte look which looked just like fresh skin, not a powdery caked on mess, but seamless coverage that I soon found out lasted all day.
Airbrush foundation is certainly makeup acne prone skin can deal with, and it won't make the acne worse. Even now when I have the occasional breakout I'm not fussed because my airbrushed foundation can handle it. I've taken it upon myself to give the girls in school who struggle with acne a hint about airbrushing foundation and that it is the best makeup acne prone skin can get. I really wish that I had known about airbrush foundation in high-school, but at least I have the chance to let some other girls know, and maybe save them from some of the trauma of having to go through high-school with acne.

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