How to Do Smoky Eye Makeup

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How to Do Smoky Eye Makeup

Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and almost all of the hot girls on the block have done it. It will be just another hour and you wouldn't wish to show up on the party with the cold, not-so-hot, old trick makeup you yourself wish to be over with. Learning how to do smoky eye makeup should be on the top of your list, unless you want to disappear in obscurity.
An eyeshadow application starts with a good eye base applied in the entire eyelid. Make sure that the eyebase is of good quality, one that does not melt and cakes into the creases of your eyelids. Apply a dark colored eyeshade sheer stick on the lower part of the eyelid, sweeping and blending the dark tone up to the crease line of the eyes. Place a little extended arch, as in a rainbow a little over the outer side of the crease, making sure that the application on the two eyes is on the same level and even.
Then using a medium sized eye shadow brush, dip on a deep purple pigment eyeshadow and dab it on top of the dark eyebase. Deep purple is recommended for green eyed or blue eyed gals, while dark brown suits the brown eyed women. The hue of smoky eyes can be achieved through the eyeliner which need to be applied on the upper eyelash. A gray or a brown smoky eyes can be achieved using an eyeliner with those colors. Apply a thicker line in the middle part of the eyelash line. The key word in a creating smoky eyes is to blend. Smudge and blend this lighter eyeliner in upward motion for creating a smoky effect.
The next step is to apply a lighter based eye shadow color on the upper side of the eyelid. Sweep this light shade back and forth all over the upper lid to the browbone. Use an eye shadow brush to blend the color upward from the lash line. You will know that the blending and smoky effect is achieved when the eyeliner disappears with your upward strokes. Put eyeliners as well under the eyes for definition and smudge along with the upper eyelash line. Add a shimmering black shade by lightly sweeping the edge of the eyes, along the eyelined part with a soft edged brush.
Check whether the two eyes are evenly done and make adjustments. The good thing with smoky eyes is that you can never go wrong with over doing it. A well blended dark shade will have the right smoky effect when properly blended. You can always add a darker shade if you want more impressions. Just remember to blend along the way and keep the dark shade on the lower eyelid, not on the upper part below the brows. Needless to say, create your smoky eyes in a well lit room to save time and avoid mistakes.
Knowing how to do smoky eye makeup will not only raise your star quality, it will also save you a lot of money. For all you know, the smoky trend might linger for quite a while.

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