Top Makeup Techniques For Achieving Dramatic Eyes

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Top Makeup Techniques For Achieving Dramatic Eyes

Dramatic eye makeup is a technique many women try to learn or improve on. In part 1, simple yet dramatic eye makeup application techniques were described. The use of eyeshadow colors is a easy and straightforward way of making your eyes pop. When specific eyeshadow colors are used, your eye color stands out. This draws attention to your eyes.
Secondly, another way of achieving a dramatic look is to master the cat eye technique. This step by step cat eye guide shows you exactly how to master this eye makeup application technique with ease and reproducibility. Visit part 1 of this article for more in depth detail on the uses of color to make your eyes stand out and to learn the basic steps involved in the cat eye technique.
Now for the fun stuff...
#3 - Let's dive into a dramatic eye with even more intensity. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's more complicated or involves heavier makeup application , it just means that there are a couple of extra makeup application steps. Keep in mind that you can still only use 1 main eyeshadow color, possibly a slightly darker or deeper color for this look, so in many ways, your makeup application technique is still straightforward.
Remember that you can modify this dramatic eye makeup technique according to your particular eye shape.
TECHNIQUE: 1- After preparing face and eye area, apply base color eyeshadow in a light neutral color over entire eye area, from upper eyelid to brow bone. This shade creates a balanced eye by evening out skin tone and by creating a perfect working canvas for the next step.

2- Pick a taupe or medium brown shade depending on eye color and skin tone. Apply to outer 2/3 of upper eyelid area and eye crease with a medium eye makeup brush. Sweep this same color under 1/3 of lower eyelid area with smaller makeup brush. BLEND WELL.
3- Apply liquid or gel eyeliner in black to entire upper eyelid area, from inner to outer corner of eye. Extend into a cat eye if desired. Smudge slightly with a sponge tip applicator into 1/3 of outer area into lower lid lash line for more intensity.
4- Apply false eyelashes , making sure that the longer artificial lashes are at outer corners of eyes.
5- Apply 2 coats of black mascara.
6- Apply highlighter to brow bone and dot inner corners of eyes too.
7- For a more sexy look, line inner rims of eyes.

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