Eyeshadow for Brown Eyed Girls

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Eyeshadow for Brown Eyed Girls

There are a select group of woman who are fortunate enough to be able to wear almost any colour of eyeliner or eyeshadow they want. This group is, of-course, the brown eyed girls.
Brown is a naturally neutral colour, allowing itself to blend well with almost every colour spectrum. Whether your eyes are the deep and rich brown of molasses, or a lighter hue of milky chocolate, the colour palette was made for you.
All too often, women with brown eyes make the mistake of thinking they can only wear dark colours for eyeliner and eyeshadow. Not true at all. In fact, dark colours tend to be too aggressive for brown eyes, and your natural colour will get lost. Instead, choose colours and shades that will make your eyes pop and dazzle.
Choosing a colour combination for your eyes will depend on your personality and sense of style. Blues and purples are fabulous for brown eyes, but you will look just as glamorous in earthy tones such as green or, yes, even brown. If you choose to wear eyeliner, you can choose either a colour that matches your shadow, or if you're feeling bolder, a nice contrasting colour that will stand out.

The secret to shadowing brown eyes is applying your colour in a trio. Choosing a basic colour about one shade darker than your natural skin tone is best. Highlight and lowlight colours should complement the originating shade. Using the darkest colour (the lowlight), start at the inside corner and apply the shadow to the base and crease for the first third of your eye. The basic colour can fill in the remaining two thirds of the base of your eye and the crease. Last, apply a highlighting colour to the top portion up to the brow.
For added drama, you can apply some of your base colour just below the lower lash to make your eyes sparkle. A little mascara will finish off the look for the beautiful brown eyed girl.

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