Oily Skin Care - Quick Primer on What to Look For in Oily Skincare Products

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Oily Skin Care - Quick Primer on What to Look For in Oily Skincare Products

Oily skin care must, out of necessity, focus on effective cleansers. But, "effective" does not mean harsh or abrasive. Many oily skincare products on the market contain artificial colors, dyes and other known allergens.
It is popular to include "micro-beads" designed to exfoliate and increase the scrubbing action that would normally only include a clean wash cloth. The question is this. Is any of this really good for your skin's health? The answer is "no". Researchers have shown that washing with plain soap and water removes as much bacteria and sebum as washing with exfoliating micro-beads and antibacterial soaps.
One of the most common ingredients in oily skin care cleansers is triclosan. It's in Clearasil, Dial and many other cleansers that contain the phrase "anti-bacterial soap". You don't need it and you don't want it. You should avoid anything that contains it.
One of the best oily skincare products is simple orange oil extract. The oil is extracted from the orange peels. If you really want a scrub, you should try peeling an orange and using the inner peel to wash your face. Natural solutions are always the best.
Once you've found an effective daily cleanser, you should look for oily skincare products that will balance sebum production throughout the day. Jojoba is one of the best. It has proven benefits in treating a wide range of skin conditions, including acne and psoriasis.
It's hard to find plain jojoba. Typically, you will see it as a minor ingredient in some other lotion. But, if the other ingredients are too greasy, you'll only exacerbate your problem.
Another good step in oily skin care is the regular use of a deep cleansing mask. The ingredients should include extracts from mineral clay, primarily kaolin and bentone gel. These solutions will soak up excessive oil and "pull" dirt out of your pores. You'll have fewer breakouts, as a result, and your face will feel smooth and clean.
Witch hazel is another of the more effective oily skincare products. Unlike alcohol, which is very drying, witch hazel is soothing, particularly after shaving, but it has antiseptic activity that prevents breaking out and soaks up excess sebum.
One thing that you should remember about oily skin care; if the products that you use cause excessive dryness, you'll have more difficulty as you age. Moister skin is younger looking skin. Sebum, the skin's natural moisture, improves elasticity, which is naturally lost with age.
So, to sum it up, harshness, abrasives, excessive alcohols and artificial antibacterial agents should be avoided. No matter how young you are, it's never too early to start protecting yourself from wrinkles, sagging and excessive dryness.
It's always easier to prevent, than to repair. Try to find oily skincare products that also counter the signs of aging. You'll get a better balance.
Read more about jojoba, witch hazel and orange oil. Investigate the benefits of vitamin B5 and manuka honey. The more that you learn, the more successful you will be with your oily skin care routine, for the rest of your life.

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