Steps to Personalize Your Make Up Bags

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Steps to Personalize Your Make Up Bags

One of the important things that woman cannot live without is a makeup bag that will be a lifesaver for them. A make up bag will help to organize the makeup tools and prevent them floating around the base of purses of women. Yet, some of them come in a simple design and solid colors. You can express your self by personalizing your makeup bag. Whether you will do it by yourself or have it personalized by professional, you can show off your cosmetic bag as you want with any other fashion accessory that you have.
Step 1
You can take your fabric bag into a vendor which provides embroidery services. Ask the vendor to take your name or a beautiful design stitched onto the surface of your cosmetic bag. Or you can do it by yourself at home if you are confident with your embroidery abilities.
Step 2
If your cosmetic bag is made of plastic, you can draw and write your design by using a permanent marker. You can also use your idea and then put it down to your design.
Step 3
You may also order a modified bag from an online vendor which is specializing in monogramming.
Step 4
And then you should transfer your photo with your friends to the online vendor, ask them to put the photo onto your makeup bag.
Step 5

Tie a piece of the colored ribbon into a bow. You can write your name by using permanent marker on one of loops of the bow so that it can be easily visible. And then to attach the bow to your cosmetic bow, you can use some kind of gun glue so that it can be attached on it and now you have a beautiful cosmetic bag.

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