Tattoo Cover Up Ideas That Work Great For Weddings Or a New Job

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Tattoo Cover Up Ideas That Work Great For Weddings Or a New Job
So you've got a wedding coming up or you're interviewing for a new job and need a good solution for tattoo cover up.  There are many different ideas to conceal tattoos today, here are the best methods.
You probably never thought when you got that tattoo that there would come a day of reckoning, a time when you wished you didn't have it because of a special event coming up in your life.  Perhaps you absolutely love your tattoo and don't want to permanently remove it, but just don't want it to be seen at your job or say you just found out that bridesmaid dress you have to wear in a few weeks is more revealing than you expected.
The reasons for wanting to hide, on a temporary basis, a loved tattoo are many, just as the solutions are many.  Most of the tattoo concealment solutions involve special makeup.
Before we get into the different tattoo makeup products-here is a slightly different solution if you are looking to temporarily hide a tattoo on your arm.  A company called tatjacket makes a product that works like a latex sleeve that can be worn over the arm.  It can be cut and custom fitted to just about any size arm.  It currently comes in black or flesh tone.  It is said to be cool, lightweight, flexible and breathable.
The tat jacket product seems more designed for law enforcement, firemen or military people who need to cover up their sleeve tattoo.
Maybe you have a tattoo that just become wrong, moving forward, like featuring the name of a former lover.  You can have a tattoo artist put a new tattoo over it or possibly change the words.
Johnny Depp had a tattoo with the name of his, at that time girl friend, Winona Ryder.  When they broke up he had a tattoo artist remove the letters n and a, at the end of the name. It resulting in a tattoo that now reads Wino Forever!
If these two ideas don't work the next best solution is to use a special make up designed for tattoo cover up.
Pay careful attention when looking for the best make up products for hiding tattoos.  The best tattoo make up products are designed so that they won't smudge easily and are formulated to last for many hours without fading before the event is over.  They also should come in a variety of different shades so the look will match your skin color as close as possible.
One of the best products we have come across comes from a company that is used by professional theatre makeup artists.  These make up products for concealing tattoos are specially formulated to be highly pigmented for lasting and seamless coverage.  They come in a variety of colors so that you can achieve a near perfect blend.  They come as a three part system to last a long time and not easily smudge.
We have come across other tattoo cover up makeup products but they don't seem to compare to this product which is used by theatre professionals and makeup artists all over the world.

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